Dogs have jobs also!

It’s the end of the winter season and I took a last minute ski trip to Alta, Utah. The best snow on earth! 

I thought I had  gotten away from work, but there were Alta Dogs everywhere! At the Rustler Lodge in Alta, we ran into Zimba and Rico(picture of Rico and Zimba).  I thought they were so beautiful, I decided to create custom dog portraits of both of them when I got home to Boston.



I also discovered that Alta has a Rescue/ Avalanche Dog Training School - the oldest in the country, called Wasatch Backcountry Rescue. So, dogs are not only meant to be adorable pets and best friends, but real working dogs, saving lives, making a difference!  Wasatch Backcountry Rescue is so specialized they send dog teams to other avalanche risk areas in other parts of the country, including Canada and Switzerland.

Their dogs of choice are labs because of their, “instinctive hunt drive, intelligence, athleticism, ability to thrive in cold climate, work ethic, availability, trainability, and their willingness to work with many people.”

                                                                             A courageous doggie!