My videographer came to visit Dog Portraits by Katherine in Boston!

A couple months ago, Katherine of Dog Portrats by Katherine had a visit from John Harmon of Sandy Sandwich Productions located in Wellesley, MA.  Together, Katherine and John created a vimeo video of her painting process while she creates a custom dog portrait in watercolor and oil.  Below is the outcome.  If you are interested in a fantastic video of your work, please contact John Harmon at Sandy Sandwich Productions, 781-366-3920,

A Dog's Gotta Make a Living

Portrait of a Dog: Delia, the Dalmatian Dog


Your main career is that of a firehouse dog, right?  Actually, what my peeps and I are really known for is being the first coach dog, meaning my ancestors in the 1800s would ride or run alongside a carriage or “coach.”  I have a deep love for horses and am happy to hang with them 24/7.  You don’t see these vehicles much today, but if a carriage came by, all I’d want to do is trot alongside for miles, then guard it and my horse buddies.

So how’d the firehouse thing happen?  There was a time when fire trucks were horse-drawn.   We’re so good with horses that it was a natural fit.  We’d keep them company when they were hanging out in the firehouse and we’d stand with them when they were near a fire, helping them to stay calm.  Some firehouses still keep us around for tradition!

If you had to choose, who would you want to do your dog portrait – Picasso or Renoir?  That’s a tough one because the portrait could turn out crazy either way.  If I could, I’d want a dog portrait by Katherine Miller.  She loves to exercise as much as I do!

What would you want the setting to be?  Ideally with a horse.  Maybe running in pasture!

Every dog deserves its moment of fame.  Learn more about dog portraits by Katherine Miller.